• Create a Coffee Bar
  • Hide Your Dishwasher
  • Add a Drink Fridge
  • Hidden Trash and Recycling Bins With a Paper Towel Holder
  • Cutting Board Pull Out Over the Trash Can
  • Produce Drawer
  • Refrigerated Drawer for Snacks or Produce
  • Drawer for Pots and Pans
  • Drawer for Flour and Dried Goods (great for bakers)
  • Charging Station
  • Built in Drawer Organizers
  • Built in Knife Block
  • Slim Cabinet for Baking Sheets Next to Oven
  • Lazy Susan
  • Pasta Arm
  • Cook Book Shelf
  • Hidden Microwave
  • In-Counter Ice Trough
  • Built in Spice Rack
  • Small Appliance Storage
  • Hidden Pet Bowl Drawer

Drink Fridge

Pasta Arm

This simple but oh so handy kitchen feature gives you immediate access to boiling hot water to cook your pasta in. Pasta arms cut cooking time in half when you are making noodles or tea and are a no brainer for the home chef that spends a lot of time in the kitchen cooking!

Built in Beverage Trough

Source Unknown

Cook Book Collection Storage

My mom is queen of the cook books but unfortunately has no room in her kitchen to store her comprehensive collection. She has mentioned multiple times that when they renovate their kitchen in the near future she will most certainly include a place for her cook books within arms reach of her you know… actually cooking. What a concept!

Built In Coffee Bar

For all of you coffee addicts, this one is for you! Create a hidden pantry for your coffee maker and accessories. This can be anywhere from small cabinet to a large double door pantry – the options are endless. Having a designated place to store all of your coffee stuff is a fun way to stay organized and enjoy your favorite drink of the day.

Hidden Dishwasher

Hiding your dishwasher behind a custom panel designed to match your cabinets is one of my favorite custom additions to a kitchen. Appliances can be such an eye sore, and hiding your dish washer ensures that they beautiful aesthetic you designed isn’t ruined.

Upright Storage for Baking Sheets and Pans

I don’t know about you, but I find that digging around in a cabinet piled high with stacked pots and pans is quite maddening. These deep drawers have built in dividers that makes storing and finding your pots and pans quick and easy.

Drawers for Your Spice Collection

Spices can be so difficult to wrangle and organize. Luckily, there are many creative solutions for spice storage that you can incorporate into your custom kitchen. A few of my favorites include a built in spice rack, a spice drawer with built in wooden risers, and a pull out spice rack that comes out of the kitchen cabinet!

Custom Drawer Organizers

With custom wooden drawer dividers the sky is the limit! Are you a tea addict? Create a custom drawer for your teas, sweeteners, and utensils. Do you love collecting flatware sets? Create a custom drawer to house all of your collections. A messy, disorganized drawer will be a thing of the past!

Store Your Cooking Utensils and Oils Within Arms Reach

Having a pullout cabinet stocked with your most used cooking oils and sprays right next to your range is incredibly handy! This will save you from having to root around in a nearby overhead cabinet or walk all the way to your pantry for your cooking staples.

Built In Knife Block

Having a built in knife block installed into a kitchen drawer close to your prep station not only saves time, but valuable counter real estate. While some people may not mind the look of a knife block that sits on the counter, this creative solution is perfect for those that don’t like clutter of any sort.

Charging Station Drawer

It’s 2019. We have quite a few things that need to charge everyday, so it’s quite nice to have an entire kitchen drawer dedicated to just that! This custom kitchen feature allows you to plug your devices right into the outlet built into the drawer. No more messy cords or dirty electronic devices cluttering up your counters!

Trash and Recycling Drawer

Produce Drawer

Hidden Small Appliances


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