A Feminine Upper East Side Penthouse Tour

February 13, 2020


I’m not going to lie, when I first laid eyes on this living room Manhattan living room designed by Heather Wells, I was instantly in love. While it is definitely girlier than my typical interior design style, I couldn’t help but appreciate the air of glamorous sophistication that this Upper East Side penthouse exudes.

This duplex in a new Upper East Side building was purchased by a mother and her adult daughter to serve as an elegant, but functional backdrop for their New York gatherings. Heather Wells and her team worked with the mother-daughter duo to design a space that was a reflection of their differing tastes. The mother is a tried and true fan of traditional design, and the daughter leans toward a more modern, edgier aesthetic.

Heather did a beautiful job of keeping the traditional design fresh and current, without overwhelming it with too many modern components.

The Entryway & Elevator Entrance

The Living Room

The pale pink color palette is punctuated with bright pops of deep blue Coraggio fabric that adds another layer of interest to the design of this living room. The blue adds a bit of complexity to an otherwise near monochromatic color palette.

Heather does such a beautiful job of using symmetry to ease the eye and give it a rest from the busy (but balanced) pattern mixing that of the rug, chair upholstery, and mural. Porta Romana sconces flank the custom Fromental panel that serves as a focal point in the living room.

An Ochre coffee table sits elegantly in the middle of the main seating arrangement surrounded by McLaughlin’s Christoph sofa, Otis armchair, and Fairfield Chaise, a vintage fan back chair upholstered in Corragio fabric, and a Dennis & Leen XVI style chair.

Design Tip

If you decide to use a multitude of busier fabrics, colors, or design elements in your interior, use symmetry to give the eye a place to rest and recover. Symmetry will keep the busy design from feeling too overwhelming.

Get the Look

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Bar Area

This beautiful bar area off of the main living room also serves as an entrance to the formal living room and dining room. A 19th century table from Newan serves as a focal point in this high traffic room. Glass David Wiseman pendants hang over the dark wooden table, serving as a functional compliment to the grey green wall tones.

Design Tip

Identify what the focal point of your space is going to be, and keep this in mind throughout the design process. Depending on the size of the room and the room’s layout, there can be more than one focal point.

The Kitchen

The Dining Room

The Mother’s Room

The Daughter’s Room

All images by Heather Wells Inc.

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