without spending a fortune, obtaining a design degree,
or having to buy everything from the clearance section,

if you want to live in a beautiful home

You're in the right place.

So many people live their lives thinking that having a beautiful looking house they're proud to come home to everyday is for OTHER people.

You know the ones.
People with unlimited budgets, mansions, a natural born skill at design, perfect children (or even better, no children), a husband that doesn't get Cheeto dust on their upholstery... THOSE people.

What if I told you that even if you don't have any of these things, you can still decorate a home that blows the socks off of you, your family, and every guest, in-law, and random delivery guy that you invite into your home just to show off how amazing it looks... (just me?)

What if I told you that you didn't have to look around your living room every night and pick apart everything that you hate about it?

This sacred evening time is for enjoying your chilled glass of wine and Yasso bar while compulsively watching Bridgerton. This time is NOT for obsessing over the things that you dislike about your home in the event that you randomly stumble into five figures of extra cash one day and can actually do something about it.

 Whether you rent a studio apartment in the city or you own your own spacious house in the burbs, you deserve to love your home. Life is too short to spend so much time in a place that makes your eye twitch with frustration and unfulfilled design dreams.

I'm Marie, and I'm here to tell you that having a beautiful home is not only attainable for you, it's just within reach.

This is where I kick in your door and burst into the room death gripping a Starbucks in one hand and enthusiastically waving my giant folder of fabric swatches in the other. Let's do this.

Progression By Design is the place to find tell-it-like-it-is design advice and training centered around helping you create an affordable, polished home that you truly love.

I'm Marie!

I'm a design obsessed blogger, designer, and educator whose mission in life is to make the world a more aesthetically pleasing place.

I wasn't always skilled at interior design, but I've been head over heels for it since the day that I received my very first Pottery Barn Teen catalogue in the mail at nine years old. I fell in love with interior design because it gives me the ability to create the sort of beauty that I get to live, touch, feel, smell, and enjoy day after day.

That glossy catalogue full of stylish, beyond-my-wildest-dreams, "big girl" bedrooms led me to a career in interior design and to the creation of Progression by Design (thanks Pottery Barn). Today you can find me curled up in my Dallas apartment with my fiancée nose deep in a book, sipping an old fashioned, or designing yet another version of our dream pre-war apartment in New York City. 

I help you design your own home with affordable, no fail strategies so you can enjoy the home of your dreams - noW. No more waiting.

I saw a major gap in the design industry that made the dream of having a polished, expensive looking home unattainable for people that didn't have the luxury budgets to match. I too, was fed up with this critical problem, so I set out to change it.

if you were to ask me, I would say:

Transitional, classic, clean

Your design style in three words?

Grey Goose Cosmopolitan, extra lime

You're drinking a

Ravenclaw (my patronus is a chestnut mare)

The Sorting Hat says?

Truffle Mac and Cheese

The best food of them all?

Breaking Bad or Sex and the City

Fave show of all time?

Planning trips, video games, and reading

Other hobbies include...

Taurus sun, Scorpio moon

Astrological chart in a nut shell?

To attend Hogwarts as a student

One wish?

Brent, my fiancée

Favorite person in the world?

A criminal prosecutor

If you weren't an entrepreneur what you would be?

To eat dinner at Eleven Madison Park

On your bucket list?

Olivia Palermo

Style icon?

Ben Howard

Fave music artist of all time?

Skiing in the Japan Alps

Dream trip?

Blunt, bubbly, loyal, creative

People describe me as...

since I first discovered her blog years ago. When my wife and I needed a design expert to help us with our new house, it took me like .5 seconds to decide who I was going to hire! We loved working with Marie every step of the way, and can't wait to enlist her help with future projects.


Erin M.


allows her to effortlessly elevate the look of a space and add polish to every project. I love my home so much more now that it truly represents my personality."

"marie's eye for design

Hailey B.


Words can't even describe how much I love my new home office space. Marie nailed the look I was going for and came up with creative ideas that I never would have even thought of trying."


Hana P.


You grab your glass of wine, 
tuck your feet into a cozy blanket,
and gaze around the room at your handywork with a smile on your face. 

take a second to imagine:

Just minutes ago you put the finishing touches on your living room that you designed and decorated yourself. It looks bright, yet cozy. Sophisticated, yet lived in. Polished, yet utterly and completely YOU. 

The days of pining away for a home that feels impossible to obtain with your skill level and budget are gone. You feel giddy with excitement because you now have the confidence to go and design any room in your house and make it look professional.

sounds pretty good right?

well let's get to work

get the training

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look for inspiration

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